How to minimize all windows and show your Desktop

Windows Tips

If you have lots of windows open on your PC there is a swift way to minimize all of them in one action

When you click the - (dash) symbol at the top right of a window like this...

minimize dash

... it keeps what was in the window open and running (instead of clicking the X which closes and stops it running)

However if you have many windows open and layered on top of each other it can feel a chore the hide each window one by one until you minimize the last one to finally reveal the Desktop.

Here are three methods of minimizing all windows and instantly revealing the desktop in one action.

Method 1 - Click the bottom right edge

Have you ever noticed the vertical stripe at the very bottom right of your screen?

If you click on the right of it you are clicking on a 'hidden' button (well almost) which will instantly minimize all windows and reveal the desktop.

Show Desktop 'hidden' button


Method 2 - Keyboard Shortcut

Locate the Windows key on your keyboard (look like this)

Windows key

Whilst holding it down the Windows key tap the 'D' key

D key