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SEO - Essentials

Is Your Website Brand New?

If your website is brand new or has just been completely re-built the SEO1 package is the way to tell Search Engines that your site exists.  Our Search Engine Submission Service ensures that Search Engines are invited to come and index or 'spider' your website.

Major Core, Second-Tier and Regional Search Engine Submission

Your website is submitted to the major and core search engines .  It is also submitted to a variety of 2nd tier and regional search engines in line with their individual submission requirements.   (Refer to the list below)

Guaranteed Google Listing

Our unique technology guarantees your website will be listed in Google within 8 weeks.  Please note: to have your site listed in Google, it must be Search Engine Friendly (SEF).

Live Google Analytics

We will provide you with access to Google Analytics to view statistics such as number of visitors, most popular pages, search phrases that found your website.

SEF Report

To get the best out of Search Engines it needs to be Search Engine Friendly (SEF).  If your website was created by Easykey this has already been done.  However if your website was not published by us we will give you an SEF report that will tell you how Search Engine Friendly your website currently is.  The report will include a list of suggested actions to improve the chances that the content and structure of your website is correctly indexed.  You can give this to your web designer to implement.

Keeping you there

Once your website appears in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. we will ensure that the search engines keep you in their index month by month.

A Massive Broadcast to Over 3,000!

Although we submit your website to over 300 Search Engines (see the list below) and Directories some of the places we submit your site to, distribute your URL to multiple directories, thus, the actual number of search engines is over 3,000

Although it can change month by month here is an example list of Search Engines and Directories we submit your website to:

List of Search Engines

£40 per month or £400 per annum

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