Shooting a photo or video without touching the screen

Apple Tips

Sometimes it is just not practical to take a photo with your iPhone by touching the screen

Perhaps you are wearing gloves?  Or your fingers are wet?

Method 1 - Use the Volume Control buttons

  • Hold up your iPhone to Shoot and press either the - or + volume buttons to shoot

iPhone7 volume buttons

Method 2 - Use your iPhone Headphones

Sometimes you will get a blurred photo because the action of touching your iPhone to shoot causes you to move the camera.

  • Place your iPhone on a tripod or lean it somewhere stationary
  • Start up the Camera and plug in your iPhone headphones
  • Now you can use the + and - buttons on your headphones as a shutter release

 iPhone headphones used to take a photo

Tip: Using your headphones is a really good way of capturing candid unposed photos

You can pretent you are listening to music whilst snapping! - (remember to switch off the shutter sound!)

Oh and remember...

Before you shoot a photo or video hold your phone like this...

iphone correct hold

and not like this...

iphone incorrect hold