The Challenge

Based in Bishop’s Stortford, Abco Payroll provides an efficient and reliable outsourced payroll service. They had a website developed with WordPress (free open-source code) and like many WordPress sites fell victim to hackers. This was severely damaging their reputation in Google searches and needed a swift solution.

The Solution

Abco Payroll

As the website in reality only needed content changing around four times a year, Easykey suggested ceasing the risks of any open-source CMS platform (i.e. a login that allows the customer to update the website themselves as often as they need).  The website was re-built as a hand-coded static website that is responsive, (fitting desktops, tablets and phones), super secure, faster loading and Search Engine Friendly (SEF).

Using the SEO1 – Super Submission service the Google reputation was quickly fixed.  So if you now search Google for outsourced payroll stortford – they are right at the top of that elusive first page.

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