Holiday times like Christmas are targetted for delivery scams

Computer Safety

Like many scams this email comes in many variations.  Either loaded with an attachment or link to click on.

What does the email look like?

UPS delivery scam example

Here are some more examples

UPS Delivery scam email example


UPS Delivery scam email example

Spotting the scam indicators

There are several things that you should notice:

Poor attempt at your personal information

They will attempt to create your personal information like "Dear ...blank" but will not accurately use your actual personal name.


The scammer uses UPS logos in an attempt to make it look genuine

Sender's Email Address

The email address of the sender is not from

What can you do to stop these?

Forward the email to and then delete from your email account

What if I opened the attachement?

If you have robust up-to-date AntiVirus protection it will probably have blocked most dangerous links.  To make sure you should delete the email and then carry out a full scan.  If you're not sure, please Contact Us for advice.