This is a scam email pretending to come from Geek Squad

Computer Safety

This scam email comes in many different variations but the end aim is always the same - to get you to part with personal information or money.

Who are Geek Squad?

Who are Geek Squad?

Geek Squad are a well-known genuine company that offer IT support in America, Canada and Mexico via the Best Buy online shop.  The scammers send a variety of emails out posing as this company.

Here is just one example email...

Subject: Network Services653145

Hello there!

Transaction Date : 28 Oct. 2022
Toll-free Number # +1{888}-989-9509

Subscription Renewal Notice!

Thank you for renewing your Geek Squad Tech annual subscription again!

This is to inform you that your PC & Network Security subscription has been automatically renewed as your last year plan lapsed today.

The annual service charge $ 389.88 is processed successfully from the account credit funds balance, the charge will appear on the statement shortly.

As you have opted for the auto debit payment, the same recurring fee will be debited again on 27 Oct. 2023 unless you unsubscribe or cancel the subscription.

If you find transactional error in this receipt or you wish to cancel all the charges and get the full amount refund to the original payment source, please contact us immediately.

For Assistance Reach Out Us Toll-free # +1{888}-989-9509


Linda Johnson
Customer Care Helpline Center

Spotting the scam indicators

There are several things that you should notice:


Greetings like "Hello there!" or "Dear Subscriber" are generic and do not quote your personal name.


Language that pressurises you to take urgent action "Subscription Renewal Notice!" and "please contact us immediately" and "your last year plan lapsed today"

Sender's Email Address

The email address of the sender is using a free email service like Gmail.  So for example this particular example came from 

Random Numbers in Subject

Scammers will often use a random number generator in an effort to create a unique subject for the email.

You can spot this in this example Network Services653145

The scammer does this because one of the methods spam protection services use is to block large numbers of emails being sent to many recipients with an identical subject line.

Foreign Phone Number

Assuming you are in the UK or Europe you might notice the US phone number +1{888}-989-9509

What can you do to stop these?

Definitely do not reply or click on any links or indeed follow any instructions.

Unfortunately, once a scammer has your email address there is not much you can do.  If you have an Xmail account with Easykey the intelligent spam blocking service does send a good proportion to your Junk Mail folder which is then automatically deleted after 30 days.