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Happy Christmas 2017

Easykey Closing Times over Christmas

The Easykey Office closes at 2pm on
Friday 22 December 2017
and opens again on
Wednesday 3 January 2018

We wish you a Happy Christmas and a great start to 2018

Easykey welcomes new member of staff Lisa Nicholls

Lisa Nicholls

Find out more about Lisa


If your domain does not have an SSL Certificate visitors may be put off from visiting your website

People visiting a page on your website containing a field for entering a password or credit card number will see a warning like this...

connection not secure

Secure or Not Secure?

Have you noticed how some internet addresses begin with http:// or https:// ?  You can be forgiven if you haven't, as browsers tend to hide these characters.   However, Google Chrome will show the green secure padlock icon like this...

Easykey welcomes new member of staff Emily Maddison

Emily Maddison

Find out more about Emily

Thursday 13 April 2017 will be the last day Sue Cox works for Easykey

Sue Cox

Sue has been with the company for over eight and a half years.

Her cheerful disposition and home baked cakes will be greatly missed by the staff team and many customers of Easykey.

Send Your Farewell Message to Sue

A Farewell to Sue will be held on:

Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 6PM at the Harlow Enterprise Hub

Click here to tell us that you would like to attend

We wish you a Happy Saint Patrick's Day

(Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!)

Barry Moore, Carol O'Regan, Denis O'Regan, Sue Cox and Zahheb Shah (The Easykey Team) star in this fun Leprechaun Rap

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