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Farewell to Brendan

On Wednesday 21 January 2015 Brendan O'Regan left Easykey

Brendan O'Regan

For the next 12 months Brendan will be travelling around New Zealand on a skills visa with his partner Robyn.  Son of Easykey directors Carol and Denis, Brendan has been with the company for five years.

His exemplary technical skill always delivered with his trademark patient and polite manner will be greatly missed by many customers of Easykey.

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ClimbOnline wins the Apprentice

BlogSo Alan Sugar appoints an SEO startup for his apprentice

Look for Mark Wright's search engine optimisation company dubbed ClimbOnline and all that seems to be online are websites about climbing - awkward....

Mark Wright - winner of the Apprentice

Interested to see his price starting at £400 per month minimum for small to medium businesses... really?  Our SEO packages start at £18.70 per month.

There are so many sharks out there willing to take your money for getting found on Google so how should you decide?

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