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A simple way to secure sensitive information


Many people store sensitive information like passwords and logins on their computer.

This presents a security risk if the computer is compromised or stolen.

Here is a simple but secure way to store sensitive information in a Word Document by protecting it with a password.

Open your Word Document and when you are ready click the File Tab (top left)

word file

Then select Save As

Tip: Do not name your file anything like My Secret Passwords

Name it something bland like holiday95

Then click More options...

more options

Click the Tools pull-down and then select General Options

general options

Now type a secure Password (you will never forget!) in the Password to open box

password to open

Click OK

You should see this box pop up to reenter the password (just to make sure)

reenter password


Click the Save button.

Now you can test it - Close the document and now open it again - you should be prompted to enter the password before you can see it.

Extra Tip: Save it in your OneDrive folder - so if your computer is stolen or blows up - you can access the document from any other device (with the correct password of course!)

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