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Copy and Paste anything on your screen

Windows Tips

The Windows 10 snipping tool is really handy

It enables you to grab a copy of anything on your screen ready to paste in a document or email you might be composing.

Windows Snipping Tool

Here's how to snip all or only selected parts of your screen

On your keyboard whilst holding down the Windows and Shift keys - tap the 'S' key

Windows + Shift + S

By default the 'Rectangular Snip' option is what you will be presented with - notice this at the top of your screen...

rectangular snip

This allows you to drag the cursor over the area you want to capture (in a rectangular shape)

You can then paste what you snipped into your document or email message.  The Paste keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + V

Extra Tip

Select the other options for...

a Fullscreen Snip fullscreen snip

a Windows Snip  windows snip

a Freeform Snip  freeform snip

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