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How to modify your Windows 10 Start Menu


When you first click on the Windows 10 Start button at the bottom left of your computer...

start can be a little overwhelming...

windows start menu

Here are instructions on how to tidy it up and become your friend.

Removing icons

Let's begin by removing any icons you will never use.

This is done by Unpinning icons - When you unpin you are not deleting the program, you are merely removing the shorcut icon from your Start Menu.

Let's say you don't want Publisher to show on your Start Menu

  • Right Click over the Publisher icon
  • Select Unpin from Start (with a left click)

unpin from start

  • Boom! - the icon is removed

Is there a quick way to unpin all icons from the Start Menu?

Unfortunately not - (unless you are a geek that writes windows powershell scripts!)

It shouldn't take too long to right click and unpin each icon you don't require.

I suggest you keep Pictures, News and Weather - as they can be useful for most people.

How to Pin Apps you do want

Assuming you have tidied up what you don't want, I guess you have your favourite applications you do commonly use.

Here's a quick and dirty way to do it.

  • Click on the Start Button (tip you can hit the Windows Key on your Keyboard)start
  • Now just begin typing the name of the application you would like to add - So if it is Publisher just type the first few letters like publis and you should see results something like this...

pin publisher

  • Right Click on the Application and select Pin to Start (left click)

Tip: You can click and drag the icon to position it where you would like.

To resize the icon so it is small...

  • Right click, Select Resize and then Small like so...

resize button

So here is my tidied up Start Menu with applications grouped where I would like them

tidy start menu

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