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Free up space on your task bar


The Cortana Search bar can take up lots of unnecessary space along the bottom edge

cortana search box

The stripe along the bottom edge of your PC screen is call the task bar which enables you to see what's open and easily switch between tasks with a click.

Here's how to free up valuable space on the task bar by hiding the search bar...

1. Right Click over the search box

2. Select Cortana

3. Click Hidden

hide search box

So how do I search now it is hidden?

You can still easily search by one of these methods

Method 1 - Shortcut key

Whilst holding down the Windows Key tap the 'S' key - this will reveal the Search box

Method 2 - Click and type

Click the Windows Start icon (bottom left) and just start typing

e.g. type Excel (this will show you a shortcut to Excel and may even show you a list of recent Excel files)

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