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Your own wwwDo you require a website on a tight budget?

a One-Page Web startup package would be ideal

This package gives you all of the following for one simple monthly Fee

  • Design and Publish a One Page Website
  • Registration and ongoing Renewal of your domain (Your own www)
  • Hosting Services for your Website on our Dedicated Servers
  • Simple Web Statistics - Rolling for 12 months
  • Weekly Backup of Website
  • 1 POP email accounts (with support on setting it up)
  • Webmail facility (use email when away from computer)

Ask about our monthly plan from £24 per month

How Quick can you get everything done?

Usually within 48 hours however if you are in a hurry let us know.  Our record so far to do the following:

  • Register domain name
  • Set-up email - via remote support
  • Set-up Hosting
  • Publish up Website
  • Tweak the text and layout to customer's liking

4 hours, 23 minutes!

What if I want to expand the website?

We can help grow your web presence as and when you can afford to - 'cutting your coat according to your cloth'.

Click here for example websites designed and hosted by Easykey

 Check to see if your domain is available

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