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The literal meaning of cusp is a point

Does your website have a clear Compelling Unique Selling Proposition?

Website Tips

How does your website arouse strong interest?

Compelling? - Arousing Strong Interest and Action

Your website should have something clearly compelling that stops people in their tracks. Choose a few punchy words and an eye-catching quality image.  Pose a question that would attract your dream client.  Perhaps use a something that is pain or pleasure e.g.:

Are You Fed up with Slow Broadband? (pain)

Would you like to be treated like royalty? (pleasure)

Important - Do not give the answer - Just attract attention with a compelling question

Unique? One of a kind – No Equal

Let’s face it - what your business does is very unlikely to be unique. You will know of other companies offering what you do. However give some thought about how you do it – The way you offer your services. Find out why your best clients come back to you - specifically what do they value about your company?

Selling? What do you actually sell?

Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonalds franchise understood that he was not selling food - McDonalds sells fuel - A fast fill up. Revlon manufactures make-up, they sell hope. What does Your Company sell? - We have helped some of our clients to identify the following:

Activity (what you do) What you Sell
Make express Embroidered Workwear Pride in your company in one day
Suppliers of Metal forming machinery Find you the right machine for the right price
Accountants for the Technology Sector Constant proactive financial care for your company


So for example one of the things Easykey does is to build websites.  However many companies do that!  It was helpfully pointed out to us recently is that what we actually sell is – Internet-based Lead Generation tools.  In other words many companies can make a pretty website and publish it – however one of the elements that makes Easykey unique is that we are driven to get our client targeted leads via the Internet.

Proposition? A suggested plan of action

What behaviour do you want people visiting your website to do? Is there an obvious call to action? e.g.

My Website looks dated and needs a facelift

Your Challenge

Work out what your dream clients value about your services or products?

So here's the challenge.  Take a look at the home page (or indeed any landing pages) on your website.  Does it have a CUSP?

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