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Website TipsYou are looking at a website right now!

It might be helpful for you to think of a website as an electronic leaflet, reference book, shop or place to meet.

Put simply a website is a collection of Web pages or files about a particular subject. It includes a beginning file (often called a home page)

For example, most companies, organisations, or individuals that have Web sites have a single website address that they give you.

When you enter this into your internet browser it will show you the home page of their website.

From the home page, you should be able to navigate to other pages on the site. For example, the Web site for the BBC has the home page address of From the home page you can navigate to News, Sport, Weather etc... by clicking once on a hyperlink (a word or image that links to another page with one click of the mouse button)

What is a Hyperlink?

You are clicking on hyperlinks to navigate around this website and you can click on the links below to jump to other websites.

On Websites you can:

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