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Websites are now most commonly viewed on Smart Phones and Tablets

Website Tips

This means if your website is built in the 'traditional' way it will probably mean it is too tiny to read the text on a mobile device. Visitors to your website can of course use various pincer gestures to zoom in and out but they will soon become annoyed by this.

Since 2009 we have been building websites that respond to the device that is accessing it.  In other words it will change shape and layout so it is easy to access whether it is on a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

This is what the homepage of looks like on various devices:

Responsive website design

And if you were to look at it on an iPhone it would include the following handy mobile features...

iPhone 6 responsive web features

Why should you care?

If your competitor has a website that is mobile-friendly it will be favoured by visitors who will stay there longer (as long as the content is engaging!)

Trying viewing this article on your big screen then on a mobile device - you should notice that the images above resize and fit.

Since April 2015 Google has begun to penalise searches carried out on mobile devices for sites that are not seen as mobile friendly.

How do I know whether my website passes Google's mobile friendly test?

Click here to use the Mobile testing tool

Example Responsive Websites by Easykey

(view them on your mobile as well as your computer)

Commonwealth Education Trust

Olivia Roat - Milliner

Ocean Voice Data


Shadhona Restaurant - Fine Indian Cuisine

Revenue Generation - Online Marketing Agency


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