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Websites and Email addresses all use a domain name

Website Tips

The actual domain name is the bit after the www. or https:// for a website address or after the @ symbol in an email.

The domain name is owned by a registrant who is the legal owner of the unique name.

Think of it as a sort of telephone number to access the beginning of a website or homepage.

So if you owned the domain you could use it as follows:

To use this domain for a Website Address it would be: or

To use the domain for Email Addresses it could be:


Note: Many businesses still don't use their domain name for their email using or instead.

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Domain Forwarding

It is common for this address to automatically change after you have typed in an address. This is because some website addresses are set to forward you on to another address or sub address. Try and watch what happens to the address in the address bar.


Many companies arrange that different addresses will take you to the same website. But instead of changing the domain the whole website is repeated using that domain. For example try going to and navigate to different pages - you will see that they are all

This is called aliasing - and the same technique can be applied for email addresses.

How do I get my own Domain Name?

Most Domain Names are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once a domain is registered it belongs to you as long as you keep renewing it (usually once a year)

Click here to check whether your domain is available

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