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take a fresh new look

Spring is here!

Time to spring clean, roll up your sleeves and take fresh new look at your website.

If you're an astronomer Spring is around the beginning of February

Action Stations!

Give some fresh thought as to what behaviour you would like visitors to your website to do.  Is there an obvious Call To Action? e.g. Find out more, Download your report, Call Me Back


Does your website have a CUSP?  A Compelling Unique Selling Proposition - Read more about your CUSP


What does your website look like on an iPhone?  Do you have to use the pincer gesture with your fingers to zoom in to read the text?  How about on an iPad? - does your website still have a flash movie that is invisible?  For the last few years we have been building most websites using Responsive technology.  This means your website responds to the device people are viewing it on.  Try looking at the home page of on your Laptop then on a Smartphone and then landscape view on an iPad - try rotating it into the portrait orientation and watch how it responds.  Some estimates suggest that up to 60% of websites will be viewed on hand held mobile smartphones and tablets by the end of the Summer.

Freshen Up Your Images

You've heard the saying that a picture paints a thousand words.  Did you know that most people who stumble upon the home page of your website will take around 8 seconds to decide whether they will explore any further?  How many words can you read in 8 seconds?  Does your homepage have an arresting image?  Consider using faces - especially expressing an emotion like fun, boredom, frustration, peace.  We are programmed to respond to facial expressions.  Try using a face that looks sideways at what you want your visitor to look at e.g. a Call To Action button. When did you last change images on the homepage of your website?

Is your Website Friends with Google?

Is your website found in Google?  For the keywords or key phrases used by your dream clients?  How SEF is your site? (Search Engine Friendly)  Here's a Tip - Click on this link... How do I get my website found in Google? - Notice that:

  • Easykey is number 1 in the ‘organic results’ (even above Google)
  • We have been number 1 for about 5 years
  • Out of about 1.2 Billion results
  • It even shows a photo of me on the results page

OK – I’ll stop bragging!  The point is if you are considering engaging an SEO company ask them this.  Where do you rank if I search for How Do I get my website found on Google?  And what’s more – if you clicked on the result – it gives you a relevant answer summarising the most important tenets in making your website SEF.

Radical Rethink

Perhaps it's time to stop tinkering with tweaks to your website, wipe the slate clean and take fresh new look at your website?  Push aside your ego and focus all your energies into a website that serves your dream visitor and provides you with quality enquiries.  Ask us about rejuvenating your website with our free Web Plan tool. 

How Effective is your Website?

We can provide you with a Web Effectiveness Score.  This audit report not only gives you a 56-point overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence and furthermore we can help you form your wholistic online strategy with some sound joined-up thinking.

Contact Us if you want us to help you take a fresh new look

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