When did you last give your Website some Care and Attention?

Website Tips

A loved website is an effective website
We all sense when we come across a website that is not loved

7 ways to love your website

Here are 7 ways to love your website... 

love your website

1. Regular Care

Your website needs regular nurture. When did you last update any information? Is your last News or Blog post more than a month old?  Did you know Google loves a website with regular new content?  If you can't easily add your own content take a look at a CMS website.

love your website

2. Make it feel Special

Is your website looking tired and neglected? Give it a new facelift, take a fresh look at the design and feel. Are the images the best quality? Most visitors to your website will decide within 8 seconds whether your site is worth exploring. Is yours engaging and compelling?

love your website

3. A website is for life not just for Valentine

Your website should be seen as a journey. Put a monthly repeating entry in your calendar to care for your website. Be focused on implementing actions.

For example:

love your website

4.Get back to basics

Your website is your 24 hour shop window.  Ask yourself:

love your website

5. Share the love

Use Social Bookmarking to allow visitors to your website to share articles with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ (See the buttons at the top and at the foot of this article)

You should also regularly share links to articles on your website with your Social Netwoking contacts.  Ask us how articles on your website can be automatically broadcast on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

love your website

6. Make sure Google loves your website

So you are proud of your website and you reckon it is a beautiful presentation to your Dream Clients but…

love your website

7. Let Easykey love your website!

Would you like your website to be cared for by people passionate about websites?  People who would love to give your website a fresh new engaging look? People who regularly suggest ways your website might create you more quality enquiries... from your dream customers? Why not ask us?

At Easykey we use fully managed dedicated servers in the UK to make sure your website and email is reliable and safe. And we are experts in getting Google to love your website with our various Search Engine Optimisation packages.