Website TipsA Beginners Guide to Website Publishing

You need 3 ingredients to publish a website:

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Web Hosting Service
  3. A person (or team) to Design, Build and Publish the website

Your Domain Name

Your Domain Name should be unique in the world - Click here to read What is a Domain Name?

Web Hosting

This is how your website is broadcast to the World Wide Web on the Internet - Click here to read What is Web Hosting?

Design, Build and Publish your Website

There are basically three ways a website can be published:

1. By a professional web designing company

2. By freelance individuals

3. By yourself

All of the above can use various web publishing programmes to create a local master copy of a website (e.g. Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Custom Code etc.) This is then transferred to the server when ready via a secure connection on the internet. Typically servers will require unique usernames and passwords to allow changes to be made. Choosing your publisher or designer depends on the sort of website needed.

For example a fun recreational website about the family or local hockey team could be published by yourself using your internet PC and a blog publishing program.

A more sophisticated design involving a wider audience like a Community Website, Small Business or charitable organization might use a Freelance individual who is technically competant..

A more sophisticated website needing secure access and online credit card shopping facilities for instance is best left to a professional web design company.

Whatever method you use it is worth bearing in mind the following:





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