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There's a plethora of companies offering web design who frankly have very little technical knowledge about code

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Many web agencies will simply grab a free template or use a free platform like WordPress or Wix to create a website. Often even this method is outsourced to a company abroad or a freelance bedroom geek.

The result may sometimes look pleasing to the human eye but could be hiding auto-generated messy extraneous code behind the scenes. 

Why does clean code matter?

Although at Easykey we pride ourselves in ‘keeping IT simple’ and avoiding talking technobabble – we wish to provide you with some rudimentary knowledge about why website code matters. If your website uses code that is succinct and agile it offers the following benefits:

Your website is fast

Using techniques like compressing CSS code and optimising images means the pages of your website load faster

Your website is SEF

Using semantic HTML code ensures search engines (e.g. Google) find it much easier to index the navigation structure, individual pages and content of your website.  So your website is SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Ultimately this means it is much more likely that your website will be found in Google.

Your website is free of errors

Just because the website looks pretty and seems to work doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems ‘backstage’. Free templates and platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, 1and1 My Website, GoDaddy and Squarespace can hide turgid code, coding mistakes, broken links and missing images that are not obvious.

Your website is safer

Free code or platforms like WordPress carry a much greater risk of being hacked.  We know, as we come across them regularly.  What's worse is that you may not even realise it until Google begins showing the fateful warning in the search results - "This site may harm your computer".  Not only is this damaging for your marketing but you are then faced with the headache of getting your website fixed and taking the steps to prevent your site from repeated attacks.  Not to mention the task of getting Google to remove the warning.

So in short, clean code for your website really does matter.

We would be happy to take a preliminary look at your website code for you and give you our advice.

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