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A quiet revolution took place on the 10 June 2014

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For the first time since the dawn of the Internet it is now possible for you to own a direct .uk domain

We have all been used to emailing contacts abroad using .nl (Netherlands) .de (Germany) .it (Italy) and .fr (France).  But we were always limited to a second level domain in the UK.  e.g. or etc.

Released on the 10 June 2014, Nominet released the right to register .uk domains for the first time.

Why bother with a .uk domain?

  • a .uk gets straight to the point
  • it is 3 characters shorter than
  • it is simpler to remember than
  • it puts more focus on your domain name, not the extension (ending)
  • it has greater international appeal - like .de (Germany) .fr (France)
  • You should protect your company domain

In short, we think the new .uk will supercede the old-fashioned and cumbersome

But before you rush to register there are a few rules on what you can register.

If you already own the version, great! - you have the first right to register the .uk version.

However if the version of the name you want was already registered by somebody else before 10 June 2014 you will have to wait until the 10 June 2019 until the .uk version becomes available - assuming the owner of the version decides not to register it.

What if Easykey already looks after my domain?

If you are a customer of Easykey and you want to embrace the new .uk version - contact us as soon as possible and ask about our fast track service.

We have already done it for ourselves! – You can see our website at

But what about my old domain?

  • We can configure your .uk to point to your existing email and/or website that uses
  • Or if you prefer you can embrace the new simpler domain and we will point your old email and/or website at to the new .uk
  • Either way no emails will be lost and it would be seamless

What if my is not looked after by Easykey?

We suggest you contact the company currently looking after your and ask them to register the .uk version for you.

If they have no idea what you are requesting or seems to be a lot of hassle - perhaps you should consider moving your services to e Easykey :)

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