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I often hear business owners tell me that "Facebook and Twitter doesn't work"

Facebook  twitter

It would probably be more accurate to say it doesn't work for them. When I take a look at their Facebook or Twitter account I see two common patterns:

  1. Hardly any content - i.e. nothing posted for 6 weeks
  2. Mindless repetition of the same content

Social Media Fake

You can spot a Social Media Fake a mile off

The easiest way is the tell-tale content that repeats over and over again. (Seriously, how many times do they think the exact same quote is going to get anyone's attention?)

But hey it's not your fault. You've been told to buy this push-button automation gizmo and paid to get 500 new followers every month.

Unfortunately what suffers is your business because in your heart of hearts you believe "it doesn't work". Of course these push button solutions don't work. And buying random followers is meaningless – because there’s no real engagement.

Engagement leads to interaction

Interaction leads to conversation

Conversation lead to relationships

and relationships... leads to new business!

You can't fake engagement.

The key to Social Media is building relationships and that takes time. Social Media allows your company to engage customers by asking questions and starting conversations. This goes a long way towards building relationships and makes Social Media a valuable tool for getting customer feedback, determining market needs, and keeping your audience interested in your company.

But who has the time?

Well, not you. You're a busy business owner who is already wearing too many hats. You don't have time to do a full on social media campaign all day long.

However if you plan your strategy carefully you can sensitively use various techniques to use your time effectively.   I spend about 10 minutes a day on Social Media yet there is plenty of engaging content on our Twitter Account, Facebook Page and LinkedIn Group.

Has it got me business? Definitely

Are you considering setting up your Facebook Page and Twitter Account for your business?

Read about Twitter Training for your business

Read about Twitter Training for your business

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