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Microsoft Word TrainingMicrosoft Word is a powerful Word Processor for writing letters, documents, reports, even books

Many people only use a tiny part of what Microsoft Word is capable of doing

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Word

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What are Headers and Footers?

You can place Page Numbers at the top or foot of each page so it says Page 3 of 25. Other things you can get Word to do is automatically add today's date, The Name of the file, The location of where it is saved, The author etc..

Can Word Automatically Number Headings?

This is really useful for documents like fomal minutes of meetings. Word can automatically number your headings to many levels. e.g. 3, 3.2, 3.2.6 etc..

Is it possible to create an automated Table of Contents or Figures?

If you use Headings Word can created you an automated Table of Contents listing your Headings and page numbers. You can also add an automated table of figures so you can index diagrams/examples with titles and page numbers.

Microsoft Word Training

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Word. Click the link below to complete your pre-training checklist where you can design your own tailored course indicating exactly what you would like to learn.

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