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Microsoft Outlook TrainingOutlook is primarily used for managing emails

However it also includes a Calendar, ToDo List (Tasks), Address Book and Notes

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook

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What are the easiest methods to send emails?

Let us show you how to master Microsoft Outlook with tips and efficient ways of managing your emails.

A friend sent me a Virus Warning - How do I know it's not a trick?

We will show you why you should never pass on virus warnings to all your friends and advise you of other ways to ensure you are using your email safely.

What does Cc and Bcc mean?

Many components of Microsoft Outlook are based on office language. Cc (Carbon Copy) and Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) has its roots in the language of the paper memorandum.

How do I create a footer at the bottom of all my emails?

If you work for a Limited Company in the UK it has been a legal requirement since Jan 2007 to display the name of your Limited Company, The Address of the Registered Office and Company Number at the foot of all electronic communications.

Easykey offers one to one onsite training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook. Click the link below to download and print a pre-training checklist in which you can indicate what you would like to learn.

Microsoft Outlook Training

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook. Click the link below to complete your pre-training checklist where you can design your own tailored course indicating exactly what you would like to learn.

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