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Microsoft Excel TrainingMicrosoft Excel is a dynamic spreadsheet with a grid layout for calculating figures, dates and times

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Excel

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How do I move all the cells?

You might have spent some time entering information into cells and suddenly realise you need to insert some rows (to push everything down) or columns (to push everything right). Microsoft Excel makes this sort of challenge very simple.

Can I link figures from one spreadsheet to another?

A microsoft Excel Workbook is a collection of worksheets displayed in tabs along the bottom. What's great is you can take figures from one or more worksheets and dynamically display them in another worksheet. This is really useful for bringing a figure forward or bringing figures from a number of worksheets into one summary worksheet.

Is it possible to control how Excel fits the print out to paper?

Once you have been shown how, it's suprisingly simple to stop your spreadsheets from spilling extra columns onto extra printed pages.

What is a PivotTable?

Microsoft Excel has a really neat way of displaying information from large spreadsheets into a simple summary with totals. Imagine you have a big worksheet that contains Dates, Sales Categories, and a Monetary Value. With a PivotTable you could display a simple view that shows the total value of sales for each Sales Category in Columns by Each Month in Rows.

Microsoft Excel Training

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Excel. Click the link below to complete your pre-training checklist where you can design your own tailored course indicating exactly what you would like to learn.

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