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Microsoft Access TrainingMicrosoft Access is a powerful way to organise your information

You use it to record, view and print data. For example Record Collection, Recipes, Customer Details, Invoices, Orders, Stock Control etc.

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Access

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What is a 'Relational Database'?

A Relational Database is created by linking two or more tables and relating them to each other so you avoid having to type the same information in more than once. So if you are creating a new invoice for a customer you have already entered you don't have to type all the customer details again.

What are Queries?

Queries are used to filter and sort information from one or more tables. So you could list all the unpaid invoices only showing the name of the customer more than 28 days old sorted by the oldest first.

What are Forms?

You design Forms to layout information based on tables or queries in the most useful way to view on your screen. Well designed forms ensure that when you input new information it is as easy as possible and prevents people from entering incorrectly (e.g. A date in the future for a Date of Birth)

What are Reports?

This is where you design what Reports Microsoft Access prints including, Layout, Fonts, Colours and Charts.

What about Macros and Modules?

The secret of a well-designed database is when you get it to intelligently 'think' for you. You can use Microsoft Access Macros to remember a series of actions and conditions and assign it to a button with one click. Modules can be designed to embed preset calculations into your code - like return a person's current age in Years and Months based on their date of birth and the current date.

Can more than one person use the database at the same time?

Unlike Excel documents Microsoft Access is designed so you can network it. This is achieved by splitting the database into Front End (for each computer) and Back End (typically storing all the information in tables on a server)

Microsoft Access Training

Easykey offers 1-to-1 or Group training to help you get the most out of Microsoft Access. Click the link below to complete your pre-training checklist where you can design your own tailored course indicating exactly what you would like to learn.

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