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William Beard

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"I am specifically impressed with Barry for several reasons .
Most importantly he politely laughs at all my horrendous jokes LOL.
When ever I email or call he’s always there to help me in my moment of need.
SuperBaz is his new name just so you know that.
I can cut wood in to anything but when it comes to IT, tec, glitches and
general understanding of computers he’s fixed my problems every time and super quick.
Being self Employed and always fighting against the clock
it’s so reassuring to know SuperBaz is just a phone call away
so I can get back on track and back to earning.
So I give Barry a car as a gift because computer issues drive me round the bend
and Barry can hop in the car and race to another tec dilemma
to save more frustrated computer glitched owners from pulling their hair out."

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