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Antivirus CloudcareDo I really need Anti-Virus Software?


You can drive a car with no brakes - but would you do it?

Easykey offers a service that keeps your computer safe from viruses and malicious attacks from the Internet.

We protect your computer and monitor it for you day by day carrying out constant checks to keep you safe.

What software is used?

Avast Antivirus CloudCare

We use great software called Avast Business Antivirus CloudCare.

This keeps your Windows computer protected against viruses or infected material that may threaten the security of your computer via the internet. It checks that everything on your computer, along with everything that is being downloaded is safe and secure.

What Happened to AVG?

AVG have been acquired by Avast and the experience of these two security protection companies have been combined

Why Cloudcare?

Using Avast Cloudcare, Easykey receives alerts of any significant issues on your computer.  E.g. A virus has been found and could not be removed.  When this happens we contact you to let you know and will offer to fix the issue for you.

Avast Cloudcare also scans your email attachments to ensure that they are not harmful or malicious, this will be done as soon as an email comes in and before you can open them.

Avast identity protection is another tool built into Cloudcare, that protects your personal identity details such as credit card details and passwords, Avast identity protection stops these details from being stolen to keep you safe when entering information online and making payments.

 So what are the benefits?

  • We proactively monitor any viruses that have a problem being removed and contact you to fix the issue
  • Full protection against threats and viruses that you can remove by a single click.
  • Email attachment scanning
  • Avast Identity protection built in
  • Peace of mind with our personal service

So if you think Avast Cloudcare is for you, contact us to find out prices and arrange installation - which we can carry out via our remote support service.

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