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SEO3 - Proactive ActionYou get all of the SEO1 - Super Submission and SEO2- Detailed Analytics service plus...

This package is for people who require regular changes to their website following the interpretation of web statistics.  This fully managed service is only available for websites hosted, published and maintained by easykey

Google Analytics Report

We will email you a detailed PDF Google Analytics report once a month. This will include:

  • Visits - The number of hits and unique visitors to your website
  • Keywords - What words or phrases found your website and how often
  • Traffic Sources - What methods drove traffic to your website (including the website addresses of referring websites like
  • Most Popular Pages - What are the most looked at pages of your website
  • Landing Pages - What are the most popular pages people first visit your website on
  • Exit Pages - What's the last page a visitor looks at before leaving your website
  • Browsers - including how many people are using a Smart Phone to view your website

The monthly report shows you a comparison of Statistics with the month before.

Web Effectiveness Score

We will carry out a detailed appraisal of your website including: Title Tags, Search Engine Friendliness, Marketing message, images, navigation clarity, Disability Discrimination Act, comparison to competitors etc.

Your Website must be hosted by Easykey

Once a quarter we will provide you with a report that includes actions to make changes to your website.  Some of these may only seem superficial but can have a significant effect.  For example changing the code for Description Tags (not visible on the website) or URLs - whilst other actions might include suggestions for a Call to Action on a particular page (e.g. Send Your Enquiry or Sign Up for Regular Tips Newsletter)  As we will need to regularly make changes to your website it makes sense that your website is hosted on our servers.

£140 per month

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