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There has been a massive growth of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Companies offering to get you on that first page in Google

Search Engine Optimisation

But how good are they?

It stands to reason that if they are as good as they claim to be at getting your website found in Google - you should be able to find them in Google.

Now if you search for SEO Harlow - yes you will find Easykey's website on the first page.  However that's not all that impressive. For a start not that many people search for such a specific phrase.  And there are only around 300 thousand results - So it's a pretty small haystack to find the needle in.


If your website is brand new (launched within the last week the guaranteed way of getting your website on the first page is to pay Google for a 'sponsored link' also known as Adwords.  You will notice these appear when you search in the panel on the right and with a pale yellow background along the top.

Organic Results

The organic results are underneath the Adwords and are the most prized position.  This is because it is Google attempts to show you the most relevant on the first page and you do not have to pay Google a penny.

What phrases do your Dream Customers search for?

Easykey's dream customers would not even search for SEO or even Search Engine Optimisation as we wouldn't expect them to be computing geeks!

It is much more likely that they will type a general question like:

 How do I get my website found?


How do I get my website found in Google?

Click on the first phrase and notice there are over 600 million results!  And who is in the first organic position? (and has been there since 2006!)

Ask them about the Keywords Metatag

Another quick test is to ask the SEO company whether the keywords metatag is important.  If they tell you it is vital steer clear!  The keywords metatag is not used by most Search Engines and Google (the king of all Search Engines) has never used it.  We have tested the keywords tag extensively and proved that it does nothing to get your website found.

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