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BT CustomerStreet

It seems that the aggressive telesales tactics of a company called BT Customerstreet are upsetting many people.

Stressed customers have contacted us complaining of their sales techniques:

  • High Pressure Sales - (will not give you time to think about it)
  • Offering fanstastic website deals
  • Get you onto the first page of Google
  • Offering to register one or more domain names (before your competitor gets them)
  • Taking immediate Credit/Debit Card Payment over the phone
  • Using the names of BT and Google to win over your confidence

BT Customerstreet have bought directory websites including - SmileLocal, UFindUs and MoreUK. Although this company is possibly not doing anything illegal - the Office of Fair Trading and Nominet (the UK domain registry body) have received a flood of complaints about their sales tactics. We have even know seasoned sales and marketing people being taken in to part with their money!

Action: Do not listen to their persuasive sales pitch. NEVER give out your card details over the phone to cold callers.

Read this long page of complaints about BT Customerstreet

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