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Web Design PortfolioThe Challenge

First Touch Training offer first class training in sales, leadership and customer service through open courses and in-house training. The previous website was basically an online brochure and the customer wanted the facility for the website to take bookings and payments.

The Solution

First Touch Training - Skills for Team Leaders and Leadership

The website was redeveloped with a complete booking system that allows the customer to upload Courses, take bookings and manage payments.

The responsive design that works well on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones and the customer has been trained by Easykey to edit all content on the website.

As this service is in a highly competitive sector the website visibility is greatly enhanced with our managed Google Ads Pay Per Click service.

The SSL Certificate helps with payment security and visitor confidence as well as enhanching searches and contributing towards GDPR compliance.

Take a look at

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