Phishing Emails and ScamsThis Twitter scam takes you to a facebook page and attempts to capture your twitter username and password

This starts with a tweet on your twitter account (usually from somebody you know)

Here are 3 variations of tweets you might see as a direct message to you:

you ar famous now haha…

they got u on…

whatt are you doing in this ?…

Do not click on the link!  If you do you may see a facebook page that includes something like this:

Twitter Video Scam

I repeat - Do not enter your twitter username and password

What if you already did this?

We suggest the following actions:

1. Login to your twitter account and change your password as soon as possible.

2. Tweet an apology to your followers - Something like this...

Please ignore tweets I sent about a video of you - If you clicked the link please follow this advice

What if you were sensible enough to ignore the tweet?

You could reply with a tweet something like this:

It looks like your Twitter account has been compromised - Please read this advice