Scammers are still phoning people pretending to work for Microsoft

Phishing Emails and Scams

The caller, often with an Indian accent, asks for the householder, quoting their name and address before saying "I'm calling from Microsoft".

They will tell you that they report from their ISP of “serious virus problems” from your computer.Then they ask you to open a program called "Windows Event Viewer" which lists errors, (some "critical" errors) which causes most people to make the fatal mistake of trusting the caller. (Seeing errors in Windows Event viewer is perfectly normal and does not mean you have a problem)

You are then directed to a website where a download awaits, which is a program that hands over remote control of your computer, and the caller "installs" various "fixes" for the problem.

The bogus "Microsoft" rep asks for a £185 for a "subscription" to the "preventative service".

Not only could you be paying for something that’s completely unnecessary, but you may be giving your entire computer over to the scammers.

They may say they are "Microsoft Gold Certified Partners", which Microsoft says means that they must have "demonstrated expertise" and "must employ a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals". Don’t be fooled. Microsoft never rings anyone up.

Action - Do not give away any information and hang up - or you can watch this video and tell them to call 'Peter Brown' on the number at the end