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This scam email offers you to retrieve undelivered emails

 Phishing Scam

Known as 'Phishing' this is another variation of an email that gets to to give away your Email or Office 365 password.

Subject: Server INC Report: Incoming message relay failure

The way this scam attempts to trick you is say that Office365 has rejected the delivery of 11 incoming mails to your inbox.

The scammer invites you to select the link to Retrieve emails

If you do, it may take you to a page that looks like a login for your Microsoft Email / Office 365 credentials.  And if you complete the login form you will be giving the hacker your login details.

Here's an example email.  (Your Name and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. may be your details...)

Server INC Report; Incoming message relay failure

Action: Do not click on any link in the email.  Delete it immediately.

Notice how they try to emulate the old Microsoft Office colour scheme (with the coloured rectangles) and that it purports to come from Microsoft Online Services

The date is also formatted month/date/year (American style)

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