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Phishing Emails and ScamsBeware this scam promising you an iPad via one of your known contacts

The true aim is to harvest your email address and even worse - to give them access into your Social Networking accounts by giving away your password.

Apple iPadHere is the content of the scam email...


Hello [Your Name],

Your contact [Your Friend's Name] invites you to participate in an iPad review program.

Marketing research companies are looking for individuals who are interested in reviewing the new Apple iPad. The testing period lasts one month, after which reviewers can keep the device as a reward.

To see more details or to register to our program, follow the link below:


The Beta Testing Inc Group


This message was intended for [your email address], and was sent on behalf of [Your friend's name]<[their email address>

So What's the Scam?

When you click the link you are taken to a website that asks you to 'register' - So you give away your name and email address. That's bad enough but worse is to come... You are then asked to provide your email and password for your Social Networking sites! In other words you are giving a complete stranger access to your Facebook, Live, MySpace account!

Why does it fool people?

Here are the main reasons people are fooled:

  • The invitation comes from someone you know (and probably trust)
  • You would love an Apple iPad for nothing!
  • It's kind of credible that 'they' want reviewers - think about it - Really?
  • Step 2 (giving away your social networking account password) is hidden until you do Step 1

Action: Do Not follow the link to the website or any instructions. Delete the email and tell your friends to read this article

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