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This email looks like it comes from Microsoft - but it doesn't

phishing scams

This is a phishing email currently circulating that might catch you out.

The content of the email says something like this:  (You need to replace with your domain name and Info with your alias - the bit before the @ symbol)


System Server Error: 11 Message Delivery Failure To Your Inbox



Message is from Microsoft trusted source.

Incoming Messages to the below email has been blocked

Info at .



Action Required

        Outlook messages



Unknown To address

         Blocked messages


Error Date/Time : 11/22/2018 08:49:48 am

Pending Messages : 11

Dear Info,

There has been an error notification for your E-mail Account [info@***** ], as a result of this your incoming messages has been blocked , if this error is not fixed immediately it might result to loss of email data on this account.

This Error can be fixed by following the instructions/steps below;

*I  => To retrieve pending messages as a result of this error Click Here

*II  =>  To report Error to Microsoft IT help Desk Click Here

*III  =>  To resolve pending issues on this E-mail Click Here

*Note: Further messages might not be delivered if any of the above actions are not performed.

Microsoft IT Services for


What action should you take?:

  • Do not click on anything

  • Do not follow any instructions

  • Delete the email

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