This clever alert might fool you

phishing scams

There is a clever scam going around that might catch you out because unlike many it actually uses your name and the names of people you might know.

The content of the email says something like this:

Dear (your name here)

Due to a recent change in password,it is compulsory you update your account to main server.

Please click the link below to update your email to avoid you being bared for receiving email

Click Here [Link Removed]

If you do not follow these instructions, your mailbox will soon be lost.

Thank you for using (a website address you might know)

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How do they get personal details?

It is likely they have taken your name and the domain name of your trusted contact via WhoIs.  This is a public database that displays the owner (registrant) of a domain name.

Action: Do not click any links in the email.  Delete the email