A link that claims you can get full details of who viewed your profile

phishing scams

There seems to be a flurry of new links spreading on Facebook.  These posts can even seem to come from your friends.

The shared link claims that you can see who viewed your Facebook profile.  It says you can get “full details” of who viewed your Facebook profile in 2017.

Here is an example of this phishing scam:

Who Viewed Your Profile in 2017

Should you click the link, you will be taken to a Facebook app installation page.  

Like all Facebook Apps it will requests permission to install on your Facebook account. If you accept, the App will attempt to post the same link to all your friends.

Installing an App such as this can collect your personal information, or end up by tricking you to install malware on your computer.  What is Malware? 

Action: Do not click the link. Report it to Facebook. If it came from one of your friends - send them a link to this article