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A scam email sent to domain name owners

Phishing Emails and Scams
Subject: Domain Dispute and Registration

Here is the body of the email...

To whom it may concern: yyyy-m-dd

We are a domain name registration service company in Asia,

Last week we received a formal application submited by Justin Lin who wanted to use the keyword "your-domain-name" to register the Internet Brand and with suffix such as .cn / / .asia/ domain names.

After our initial examination, we found that these domain names to be applied for registration are same as your domain name and trademark. We aren’t sure whether you have any relation with him. Because these domain names would produce possible dispute, now we have hold down his registration, but if we do not get your company’s an reply in the next 5 working days, we will approve his company's application
In order to handle this issue better, Please contact us by Fax ,Telephone or Email as soon as possible.

The way this scam works is that you reply confirming you own your domain name and they offer to send you a dispute resolution form to protect your trade mark. In actual fact they send you an order form for you to buy other variations of your domain name at massively inflated prices.

Action: Do not respond, Delete the email

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