Phishing Emails and ScamsBeware - A number of our customers have told us about phone calls they have received telling them that their computer is infected with a virus

The caller sounds official sometimes claiming to be from Microsoft, telling you that that many computers in your area have been infected. He will probably ask you if your computer is performing slowly. If your computer is not running, he will ask you to switch it on and report how long it took to start up.

When your computer is running, he will tell you that a technical expert can take over control of it and clean off the "virus infection" for you.

This is a known as telephone phishing and is a scam. They are attempting to sell you a service you don't require and are trying to see if they can introduce spyware (to capture information like online banking details or your email address book) Another company name used is Dial Care PC

If you happen to receive one of these phone calls we suggest the following action:

Microsoft will never cold call people who use Windows. Nor is it possible for complete strangers to know anything about your computer (they are guessing you have Windows to con you) NEVER allow strangers to take over your computer.

If you did happen to obey any instructions...

You may see an icon something like this on your desktop:


To be safe we would strongly advise you not to use your computer, shut it down immediately and contact us as soon as possible for advice. We can scan your computer for various malicious or remote control software that may have been installed.

Click here to watch a video we made of one of these phone calls

If you have experienced such a scam can we encourage you to report it to Action Fraud

Click this link to report it