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Outlook Hints and TipsThis technique is a really useful way to manage your newsfeeds

You will need Outlook 2007 Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 Outlook 2010 and the reason I favour this method is because I manage most things via Outlook. (Emails, Appointments, Tasks etc.)

1. Open Internet Explorer and find an RSS feed on a website. (look for this symbol RSS) Whilst viewing the feed in Internet Explorer copy the full address from the address bar. (highlight and Ctrl+C)

2. Now open up your email in Outlook 2007 - Look down your folders list and find the distinct orange RSS icon.

3. Right click on the RSS Feeds icon and select Add a New RSS Feed... You may see this message pop up...

Common RSS

Click Yes if you want to synchronise all your feeds you have saved in Internet Explorer or No if you wish to keep your Outlook RSS feeds separate (I prefer No)

RSS Address

4. Now after choosing no you should see a place to type in the address of your newsfeed - Just paste (Ctrl+V) the address you copied in step one. Then click the Add button.

5. Look down the folder list at the RSS icon. You should see some new bold (therefore unread) headlines.

Outlook 2007 RSS View

How handy is that! You can now easily receive Newsfeed headlines into Outlook 2007 and track what you haven't read yet.

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