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Outlook Hints and TipsIf you have an Xmail (or any Exchange) Email Account you can create your own Out of Office Automatic Reply

Here are instructions for Outlook 2010

1. Open Outlook and make you you are logged in look for Connected to Microsoft Exchange (Connected to Microsoft Exchange) along the bottom right of your screen

2. Click on the Outlook File Tab File tab

3. Click the Outlook Automatic RepliesAutomatic Replies (Out of Office) button - a window like this will pop up:

Automatic Replies

4. Click the Outside My Organization tab and select the option marked Send automatic replies

Outlook Automatic Replies

5. Now type your message into the box and click OK to Activate it.

Some Message Dos and Don'ts:

  • Don’t advertise that you are on holiday in Australia as this could be an invitation to rob your house whilst you are away!
  • Definitely do NOT include your home address
  • Do include other people to contact if the enquiry is URGENT
  • Include your Name, Website, and Phone number (so people know it’s you)

Some optional extras

Select Your Time Range

Tick the box near the top to Only send during this time range: Pick Start time and end time then click OK

Choosing My Contacts only

If you receive lots of SPAM it can be increased if you send an Out of Office response to Anyone outside my organization – as you are confirming to SPAM engines that your email address is active and they could pass on your email address to further SPAM lists.

One method to limit who receives the Out of Office message is to select the My Contacts Only option.  This means that emails received will be checked against your Outlook Contacts and only matching email addresses will receive the Out of Office message.  This option is not recommended if you have very few contacts or regularly receive genuine emails from new email addresses.

Why is Out of Office feature not available in my Outlook?

You must have an Xmail or an equivalent Exchange account for the Out of Office feature to work in Outlook.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of Xmail

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