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A handy way to send emails to a group of contacts

Outlook Hints and Tips

Microsoft Outlook has the facility to create and save a distribution list from your Contacts list

1. Open Outlook and click the Contacts or People icon (bottom left)

2. Click the Contact Group icon (top left) looks like this...

contact group

3. Give your Contact Group a Name e.g. Golf Club (nobody will see this)

4. Click the Add Members icon - looks like this...

add members

5. Either select from Outlook Contacts to add exisiting contacts from your Outlook Contacts (You can use the search box and then click the Members button)

or alternatively select New Email Contact to manually add members who are not in your Contacts yet.

6. Finally click Save & Close

Now when you compose an email you can type the name of your Contact Group e.g. Golf Club to email everybody

How many contacts are allowed in a Contact Group?

It is good practice to limit your Contact Group to no more than 50 members.

You can always create more groups such as Golf Club A to M and a second group called Golf Club N to Z

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