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The footer in an email created by Outlook is called a 'Signature'

Outlook Hints and Tips

To create your own signature in Outlook:

1. Open Outlook and select the File tab then the Options button

2. Click the Mail link in the left menu

3. Click the Signatures button

4. Click the New... button

5. Type a name for you to identify this signature (as you can create more than one which can be handy)

6. Click the Next button

7. Now type what you wish to display in the signature in the white space (see news item called Will your Company website or Email attract a fine? )

8. In the right-hand column select the account you wish to use for New Messages and Replies and Forwards

9. Finally click the OK button at the foot of the next two windows

That's it now test it out and send yourself an email.

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JR Tech Signature example

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