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LinkedInIf you use LinkedIn you may have noticed a flurry of emails notifying you that particular contacts have endorsed you?

Here is an example email I have received:

Frank LinkedIn Endorsement

Many people seem to be puzzled by this and you may have received notifications telling you about endorsements from people that you don’t even know or even worse endorsing you with skills of experience you don’t possess. I suggest that if you are serious about making sure your profile reflects your true skills and expertise you should take a look at managing your endorsements.

If you are not sure what they are can I suggest you read What are LinkedIn endorsements? (and how to endorse others) first

Take a look at your profile (login to LinkedIn and click the Profile link in the top menu. Scroll down until you see the heading for SKILLS & EXPERTISE Today (18 Dec 2012) mine looks something like this:

Skills & Expertise - LinkedIn


Does your profile contain skills you didn’t know you had!?  Or have people endorsed you for skills that don’t even know you? Does is really matter?

My view is that the introduction of this rather gimmicky ‘viral’ technique is in real danger of becoming meaningless.  At best (if used properly) it could be a useful ‘infographic’ style snapshot for people to see how other perceives your skills and expertise.  However my suspicion is that people are just clicking away randomly endorsing all four skills without any consideration as to what your expertise really is or even if they actually know you well enough.

Adding and Removing your Skills

If you visit this article you will see that it is perfectly possible for people to add a new skill or area of expertise you haven’t put on your profile.  So if you spot that somebody has added you as an expert in PHP (and you are not), this is how you remove it. It may also be obvious that you have forgotten to add skills you wish people to endorse you for.

a. Login to LinkedIn and click on Profile / Edit Profile (sub-menu)

b. Scroll down to SKILLS & EXPERTISE and click the little blue pencil icon – (looks like this)

Edit Your Skills

c. Add any missing skills (you wish people to endorse you for) (see steps 1 and 2 below)

adding and removing skills

d. Remove any skills and all the endorsements by clicking the X

e. When you have finished editing remember to click the blue Save button

How to remove individual endorsements

a. Login to LinkedIn and click on Profile / Edit Profile (sub-menu)

b. Scroll down to SKILLS & EXPERTISE and click the little blue pencil icon – (see above)

c. Click the Manage Endorsements link, Select the Skill, untick to remove and Save when ready (see below)

Removing Endorsements

Managing your Connections

It seems to me that many people are ignoring the whole spirit that LinkedIn suggests - that we should only connect with people we know.  It even asks you how you know them, i.e. Colleague, Classmate, We’ve done business together, Friend?  I guess it depends on what your strategy is and why you use LinkedIn?  For example if you are a recruitment company or looking for a new job it may seem best to go down the route of connecting with as many people as possible.  I have also observed the trend of many ‘Social Media Gurus’ avocating and take great pride in getting the magic 500+ connections. However I would challenge this approach and suggest that it is much easier to have meaningful social interactions with 20 people you know and trust then entering a Hall of 1,000 people who don’t know each other, spend most of the time announcing or broadcasting at the top of their voices and not really taking the time or indeed finding it really difficult to listen to each other in all that noise!  Sensibly endorsements can only be given by your people you are directly connected with (1st Level).  So if you are getting endorsements from people you don’t know,  I suggest you stop accepting connections from strangers!

What do you think?

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