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Why should you put a profile picture on Linkedin?


Many people new to Linkedin (and even some not so new) have not uploaded a profile picture of themselves.

If that's you, do you realise other people see you like this?... LinkedIn greyface(grey and faceless)

Most people interact on visual (specifically facial) cues.  Linkedin is an interactive site designed for professionals to network with each other.  Here are just a few reasons why you should upload a professional headshot of yourself:

  • People need to see what you look like
  • A picture can paint a thousand words
  • It speeds up recognition
  • One meaning of recognition is the perception of something as existing or true
  • People assume the grey face means "you can't be bothered" or "you've got something to hide"
  • It’s a crucial part of the “know me, like me, follow me” Social Networking philosophy (Penny Power)
  • It’s actually one of the rules of linkedin – (no company logos, cartoon characters or baby pictures)

So come on, don’t be shy – show us your face and give us a smileSmile

Here are some more tips on what makes a good LinkedIn Profile Picture...

  • Don't use your company logo
  • Avoid a whole body photo
  • Don't include other people in view
  • Get a close headshot photographed by a professional portrait photographer
  • Avoid busy confusing backgrounds
  • Make sure it is cropped to be square (400 by 400 pixels is good)
  • Make sure we can see the whites of your eyes
  • Use an image of how we would normally see you in business mode (i.e. not a holiday shot or a glamour makeover version!)

Oh, and this is me...
Denis O'Regan
Denis O'Regan

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