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If you own an iPhone or iPad you now also own a U2 album!

On the 9th of September 2014 Apple marked the launch of the new iPhone 6 launch by slipping a copy of the Irish band's latest album into every account.  This includes anybody with older models of iPhones and/or iPads - basically anyone with iTunes.

U2 and Apple joined forces and 'gifted' the album "Songs of Innocence", including 11 songs to everyone with an iTunes account - whether you want it or not.

Free U2 album from iTunes

Some people are insensed at this action dubbing it as an invasion of their privacy.  Alternatively you could think of it as a leaflet dropped through your door - it's your choice whether to listen to it or bin it.

If you like U2, you could say It's a Beautiful Day and you could find Songs of Innocence a welcome addition to your songs.

If U2 is not to your taste you'll probably want to delete the album off your device.  However it's not that straightforward.

How do I delete the free U2 album?

After a torrent of complaints Apple had to respond.

You can now click here to remove the free Album

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