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If you have recently updated your iPhone you will notice Music has had a radical change

iPhone Tips

The familiar orange icon has changed to a subtle rainbow coloured version revealing the revolutionary release of Apple’s new streaming music service called Apple Music.

old Apple Music Logo is now New Apple Music logo

What is streaming music?

To put it simply, instead of buying specific track or album of music from the iTunes store Apple Music is a subscription service for which you get access to around 30 million songs (similar to Spotify)

In the UK you can choose to pay £9.99 for a Single Membership or £14.99 for a Family Membership (up to 6 users with separate musical tastes)

If you tap on your Music icon you should be offered the opportunity to trial the service free of charge for three months.

 You will still be asked to choose whether you are subscribing for the Single or Family Membership and after accepting and confirming your three month free trial begins.

Unusually for Apple the release of Apple Music is not simple to understand.  It is overwhelmingly messy, slow to load and complicated to setup.  However the talk is that it is going to be as revolutionary as the advent of the iPod – especially once it gets refined and bugs are ironed out. 

How does it work?

Apple Music is made up of five distinct segments:

For You For You - This suggests the music that Apple thinks you will enjoy
New New - Where you can find recent releases and popular music
Radio Radio - Which includes Apple Music’s flagship station Beats 1
Connect Connect - A platform where artists can share photos, videos, and behind the scenes clips
My Music My Music - The place where all of your traditional stored and saved music is

A Quick Tip: How to ‘teach’ Apple what music you like

After stepping through the instructions to Tell us what you like tap the For You heart icon along the bottom and you will be presented with suggested ‘list’ of playlists.

For You

If you listen to something suggested that you really don’t like - tap and hold your finger down on the graphic until you see the following list pop up.

I don't like the Suggestion


Now tap I Don’t Like This Suggestion

Then drag your finger downwards over your suggested list and it will refresh...

...showing you this icon at the top refresh

It should remove the offending suggestion and present you with new suggestions.  (doesn't always work - This is still buggy)

After a 2 or 3 days of playing music and telling Apple what you don’t like you should be amazed at how good the ‘discovery engine’ becomes at suggesting appropriate music for you.

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